Ross Garvey Senior IT professionalWelcome to the web site. This site has been put together to offer insight and comment on the state of corporate IT in the 21st Century.

Being an independent IT consultant of 25 plus years I have had the opportunity to work for many of the largest Blue Chips on the world in various roles. Over the last few years the promise of IT seems to have taken a backward step and we are getting more and more examples of issues arising that we never used to.

25 years ago we implemented systems without email; mobile phones; strict methodologies and processes controlled to the nth degree and achieved a great deal.

The purpose of this site is to offer advice, insight and ideas to turn current IT departments into super performing organisations.

I am absolutely passionate about Technology and how it can be delivered within the corporate environment and have watched the decline in delivery and expectation over the years. The purpose of this site is to get my ideas out and share with others and see if we cant get the spark back into the business.