Photograph of Steve JobsIt is with great sadness that we have learnt today of the death of Steve Jobs the co founder of Apple Computer Corporation.

He was a true visionary who moved the computer world away from grey boxes that were for grey accountants and into a world of different shapes, sizes and colours.

He also changed the way look at animation with the Pixar studios, my children were brought up on the studios offerings and their childhood was better because of that.

He changed the way we consume music and also changed the music industry as a result.

His vision and insight looked almost messianic by the Apple evangelists, very few people can turn a brand into a cult, but absolutely spot on with the average consumer.

I will always remember one thing I heard him say which some may find it hard to understand. He always said that Apple was not a hardware business but a software business.

It’s because of the approach to software and how it interacts with the user that we have these totally engaging form factors and interfaces that exist today.

As Bill Gates has said today his influence on the world will be present for generations to come.

He really was an agent of change.