So MP’s have finally realised that the government is paying too much for their IT and that they are beholding to a few major contract players. Well how long has it taken them to realise this then!

Most people within the IT profession have known for years that the main players had the whole of the government sector stitched up and were milking it to the nth degree. In fact many believe that the reason that IR35 was introduced was to stitch it up even further.

Its really good news to hear that there are plans now to open up the sector to smaller players and helpfully this should man that there will be a better bang for the buck going forward.

The unfortunate side of this is that a lot of the money has already been spent and it may be a bit late to try and give something back to the tax payer.

Do you think there is an opportunity for small independent consultants to get together and form Consortia in order to bid for some of this work? There are certainly the people with the right skills and motivation out there in the market – What are you thoughts?